As a thirty-something woman recently divorced and out of a ten year relationship, I’m not looking for a guy to sweep me off my feet and “show me how a princess should be treated”. Oh no – I’m looking for a guy to spank my ass, pull my hair, tell me I’m a dirty girl, and make me climax. If I wanted to be treated like a princess, I’d still be with my husband who was about as exciting as a can of tuna. Don’t get me wrong, I loved him, but there’s only so much 65-year old lifestyle a woman half that age can muster. And I had most definitely reached my limit.

I have a good job and I’m more than happy in my newly rented property that, for once, has been decorated MY way. The only thing I’m finding myself missing is sex. Hot, sweaty, passionate sex. It wasn’t something that regular came up with the ex-husband, especially not towards the ender-years anyway. I yearn for passion more than anything else right now, and this is what has lead me to adult dating within South Africa.

It works too.

I signed up to a couple of online South African NSA dating websites, and within a few days, I had arranged my first date. We met in a bar, had a bottle of wine, and then headed back to his after a hasty text message sent in the back of the cab, telling my best friend where I was going, and with whom. He was hot too…

That night, I had the best sex I could ever possibly admit to having. Being in a relationship for ten years does something to your sex life. It makes you accept that missionary position sex, with the lights off, every Sunday night is an acceptable way of living. Trust me – it’s not. It is most definitely not.

The first chap that I had the pleasure of screwing threw me around in ways that I had never thought possible. It gave me a confidence I never knew I had when he whispered “You’re so hot to me!” in my ear as I climaxed all over his fingers. It started an addiction of sorts… That’s what casual sex dating does to you. It makes you believe you can be anyone you want to be and in reality, you can be.

I never saw that first guy again, simply because I felt a younger woman would probably be able to keep up with him a lot easier than I could. I also got the impression he was looking for some sort of mother-figure, and I didn’t have kids with then husband so I certainly wasn’t looking for a child now.

I have now been adult dating for a couple of years and I have had some truly amazing experiences. I have learned new ways of giving oral sex that I never thought about before. I’m trying positions I had only ever dreamed of trying. I’m climaxing almost every time I have sex with someone… That’s something that has certainly never happened to me before. In short, I’m having the time of my life and I won’t lie, I’m trying to encourage some of my single, and newly-single friends to try the same. If you’ve never given it a shot, you should try it now! Or keep reading for more hot stories and advice to keep you entertained! 😉

Hope you enjoy my blog!