He Did What 7 Secrets About Sex

Want to make sure she comes back for more? These 7 secrets about sex will leave her begging for more…

I recently had the most amazing experience with a casual guy I happened to be “sex dating” recently and honestly, I felt the overwhelming urge to tell you about it. If there were to be a list of things that women wish men did in the bedroom, this guy would have ticked them all off. He was one of the most sensational lovers I’ve ever had in my life. For now, we’ll call him Jonaid. After the South African-born model, actor, and nutritionist, Jonaid Carrera! 😉

I won’t keep you holding on for long. In fact, I’ll just jump right in. The 7 secrets about sex that every guy should know… but normally don’t know!

1 – Focus!

This guy paid complete attention to me. There was no TV show on in the background, just quiet music with a steady, slow beat. There were candles lit and no lights on. The lighting was flattering which lead to me becoming much more comfortable. The scent of the vanilla scented candles sent a smell of lust throughout the room. When you added the steady and slow beat of the music, I was in my comfort zone and he could have done anything he wanted. It’s cliche but it’s true – give a girl your full attention and you’ll play her body like a guitar! 😉

2 – Foreplay!

This is important, regardless of what anyone says. In fact, many women will actually openly admit to her orgasm coming from the foreplay and not the actual act of sex itself. Instead of thinking of foreplay as the lead-up to something else, why not think of it as the main attraction from time to time. If you want to make her climax, you’re going to need to preheat the oven.

3 – Safe Sex!

Jonaid pulled out a condom before I had even had a chance to think about it. And he showed no worries about putting it on at the crucial moment either. The fact that he had everything sorted meant that I could relax a whole load more, instead of building ourselves up to a crucial moment and having the moment ruined by a panic situation. Do you have them? Do I have them? Seriously? You don’t have any…?

4 – Avoid the Clitoris!

Ok, I don’t mean that literally. Clearly you can’t avoid it altogether if you want to make her climax. But… you don’t need to directly touch it to stimulate it. The clit itself isn’t the main attraction when you consider that it actually extends a couple of inches further down under the skin, and the whole area is filled with nerve endings that, when played correctly, could lead to an earth-shattering orgasm. If she’s trying to get away from your tongue or finger, let her. She’s trying to guide you to where it feels better for her. That’s exactly what Jonaid did for me. He let me guide his tongue to where I needed it the most. It’s an awesome feeling.

5 – Wear Socks!

You don’t have to wear socks if you don’t want to, but you should look at making things a bit warmer. In clinical studies, women at room temperature only orgasmed in around half of all “ideal” situations. When they were warmed up slightly, and their bodies were played in exactly in the same manner, eighty percent of the worn found they could orgasm. There’s nothing wrong with wrapping her up warm! Or getting yourselves all hot and sweaty before the “main” attraction!

6 – Move It!

Don’t stick to tradition when it comes to finding the perfect position. We all know that each girl is different, but for me, missionary position provides the perfect situation. Rather than bumpin’ & grindin’, you should both move your hips in circles. Things glide so much easier in this motion, and will lead the way to a pretty good “O” if you concentrate for long enough! 😉

7 – Orgasm is NOT a luxury!

Jonaid kept going until I came to climax, and I will never forget him for it. The orgasm club isn’t a members-only one, so if she hasn’t come to climax, you guys haven’t done your job right, and shouldn’t stop. Unless she tells you to, of course. There comes a point where things just get sore.

Doing Casual Sex The Right Way

Casual sex – is there really a right and wrong approach to finding it? And getting it right?

Casual sex is not really considered the “norm” so it’s hardly the type of conversation that you can have with your “regular” friends. How are you meant to tell your recently coupled-up best mate that you’ve had three different women (or men) in the last week, and each one was completely different from the one before? Most men could only ever dream of something like that, and most of them wouldn’t exactly have the balls to actually act on it shout the situation arise. It’s tough to know where to go for advice, right?

A lot of my new casual dating friends have asked me various questions over the last couple of years so I’ve decided to come up with an FAQ of sorts… I hope it helps you like its helped them! 🙂

How do I make sure my wife doesn’t find out?

Right, clearly this applies to anyone indulging in a bit of extra-curricular activity… There are a few rules to think about here:

Don’t do it where you live. It doesn’t get any simpler than that really. If you want to get caught, go for dates with your casual lovers in the pubs that you regularly drink in, or stay at hotels where you know the people that work there. That’s a ridiculous idea. If you live in Fairview, for example, move outside of the area to have your illicit encounters. What about moving a little further towards Port Elizabeth? Let’s say Port Elizabeth Central. Even further if you can manage it.

Don’t leave messages on your phone. Don’t Go home with lipstick on your collar. Don’t leave without showering and go home to her smelling like another woman’s perfume. This is easy-peasy stuff guys and girls, you should already be getting this bit right.

Don’t let the other person have control. Clearly this is important – if they call the shots all the time, naming the place, specifying the time and date, etc. you run the risk of getting carried along for a wild and bumpy ride. At all times, try to keep things on an even keel… More often that not, the one that is left hanging is the one that starts to develop feelings… #JustSaying

Always be straight and upfront with your new lover. This means that they will need to know about the wife at home. What’s the point in lying anyway? They are bound to find out sooner or later, and there’s no chance of the two of you ever having a relationship so what’s to hide. If it’s just a bit of adult casual dating you are both after, neither of you will be overly concerned with what the other is doing in their spare time.

Try to keep things simple. This should go without saying really – the more complex your lies, the harder they are going to be to remember. Keep things simple and just tty to avoid getting caught. If you have started “working late” a lot recently, but your wife just happens to be best friends with your boss, you are going to get caught. Women are smarter than you’d think… they’ll find a way to catch you out. You just need to try and stay one step ahead of the game. That’s the trick behind it! 😉