Although taboo, NSA sex has a funny way of making you a better lover in bed. Why not find out the shocking ways how…?

Everyone thinks that NSA sex is a mindless activity – the act of two people coming together and just meeting up for sex and nothing else. There’s something pretty primal about the act, it must be said, but that’s not the be-all and end-all of the situation. Believe it or not, NSA sex CAN and WILL make you BETTER in bed!

Take Kate and Robert, for example. Kate is a student living at the University of Cape Town, and Robert is too. Kate had a pretty steady boyfriend that she’d been dating for a couple of years, but she wondered if she was missing out on something by not having as many sexual experiences as her partner. He had slept with over ten women, and she had only ever slept with him.

They broke it off for a summer to see if their relationship was “meant to be”, and Kate took no time at all in signing up to an NSA dating website in South Africa, and letting her hair down.

She met up with James and had been casually dating him for a couple of months. She had never given her boyfriend successful oral sex, and she wanted to learn how to do it. James happily let her practice away, giving her help and advice where appropriate, and she gradually became a lot better at it.

The moral of this story is that although Kate and Robert got back together, got married, and are currently expecting their first child, she learned a lot in that summer they had broken up. She learned a lot about herself and the way she liked to be touched, as well as learning a lot about what men like. After all, how can you know what to expect if you’ve only ever done it the same way, with the same person?

Of course, this is not something that would work for every couple, and I personally know of at least three couples that have broken down entirely trying the same approach. However, in some situations NSA sex CAN and WILL make you BETTER in bed.

Some people try their hand at casual dating for more sexual experience. Some use it because they don’t really fancy a proper long-term relationship. Some don’t have the time for a full-term relationship. It doesn’t matter the reason behind it, there is always a chance to learn and grow as long as you are openminded about things.

You can learn a lot about “different” sex. For example, during that summer they spent apart, Kate dated a guy called Aidan, who liked to tie her up and play with her body, driving her to distraction. This is something that she subtly hinted to Robert when they got back together, and in the end, they found something they both loved, that actually managed to boost their relationship, both in the bedroom, and out of it. She learnt to trust him a lot more, letting him tie her up and having his wicked way with her, and he learned new ways to pleasure her, bringing home the fact that he was still the best lover she had ever had. They grew together and as they grew, they learned.