NSA or Casual sex dating has never had a very good reputation but studies have shown that this style of easy-living could actually benefit your love and sex life…

Studies have been done recently, or so I’ve read, and according to these studies, in 74% of situations where a friends with benefits or NSA situation happens, and both repartees are FULLY AWARE of the casual basis of the relationship, the friendship itself doesn’t dissolve, and the pair actually remain friends through future relationships on both sides of the coin

That’s quite an impressive number, isn’t it? Almost a quarter of all NSA relationships technically work. If you also say that one in three marriages now end in divorce, it almost leads you to believe that one is definitely working out better than the other in today’s society, doesn’t it?

There are a whole load of advantages to be found with NSA sex dating. Take a look at some of these vital points for examples:

  • You don’t have any of the pressures or limitations that often come hand in hand with “regular” relationships. You can do what you want, go where you want, date who you want, and still have mind-blowing sex at the end of the week, or as regularly as you’d both agreed to.
  • It’s easy and to the point. If you are both honest about things up front, you both know where it is going. There’s no awkward conversations or awkward silences. When you’re done, he or she just gets up in the morning, packs their stuff up, and leaves without so much as a request put in for a breakfast menu!
  • Your NSA partner will usually be available to you short notice, and without explanation. You could be drunk at 3am on a Saturday morning, or sober and bored on a Sunday afternoon and looking for a buddy for pub-lunch and secret-car-park sex. There’s no need for an explanation. Just pick up the phone and “Hey, what are you up to?” often does the trick.
  • It’s cheaper than regular dating, that’s for sure! You don’t have to trawl bars until the early hours of the morning, spending a fortune on taxi cabs, new outfits, expensive drinks, and hangover cures. Your liver will appreciate it a whole bunch more, that’s a given.
  • It’s discreet too – there’s no need for the whole relationship status change on Facebook or other social networking sites. There’s no need to introduce them back to your parents, or need to explain to your mates who your new love interest is. Love interest is not the right word through, is it? We’ll go with F-Buddy!
  • It’s comfortable. There’s something quite unnerving about sleeping with different people – you never know what might happen, or how weird things can get. With regular NSA dates with the same people, you know exactly what you’re getting and although things may get weird with odd requests later on in the “relationship”, at least you can have a bit of fun before things get a bit weird. When you are done, there’s no nasty breakup either. Just “Bye!”

There are so many benefits to NSA or casual sex dates. The only thing we need to ask is why you haven’t given it a shot? After all, how can you have an opinion on something that you have never even tried?